TITLE TITLE 5 5 Chapter 5:06 Previous Chapter CHILDREN’S ACT Acts 22/1971, 39/1973 (ss. 43 and 52), 43/1973 (s. 4), 18/1974, 44/1974 (s. 4), 26/1979, 15/1981 (s. 66), 29/1981 (s. 59), 15/1982 (s. 3), 11/1986 (s. 29), 24/1987 (s. 8), 2/1989 (s. 7), 20/1994 (s. 3), 14/1995; 9/1997 (s. 10), 22/2001, 23/2001, 14/2002; R.G.N. 327/1977; S.I. 689/1979. ARRANGEMENT OF SECTIONS PART I PRELIMINARY Section 1. Short title. 2. Interpretation. PART IA CHILD WELFARE COUNCIL 2A. Establishment of Child Welfare Council. 2B. Functions of Council. 2C. Validity of decisions and acts of Council. PART II CHILDREN’S COURTS 3. Establishment of children’s courts. 4. Officers of children’s courts. 5. Procedure in children’s courts. 6. Certain provisions of Cap. 7:10 to apply to children’s courts. PART III PREVENTION OF NEGLECT, ILL-TREATMENT AND EXPLOITATION OF CHILDREN AND YOUNG PERSONS 7. Ill-treatment or neglect of children and young persons. 8. Corruption of children and young persons. 9. Medical examination and treatment of children and young persons. 10. Begging and public entertainment. 10A. Restriction on employment of children and young persons. 11. Safeguarding of child audiences at public entertainments. 12. Power to bind over person having custody of young girl, child or young person to exercise proper care. 13. Conducing to commission of offence by child or young person. PART IV REMOVAL OF CHILDREN AND YOUNG PERSONS TO OTHER CARE 14. Removal of children and young persons to place of safety. 15. Court or magistrate may authorize removal of child or young person to place of safety. 16. Authority to detain child or young person in place of safety. 17. Duty to bring child or young person before children’s court. 18. Alleged child in need of care may be brought before children’s court. 19. Children’s court to hold inquiry in respect of child or young person brought before it. 20. Powers of children’s court. 21. Adjournment of inquiry. 22. Summoning of parent or guardian of child or young person. 23. Determination of certified institution or training institute to which child or young person shall be sent.

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