RURAL LAND ACT (as amended at March 2004) 3 Certain land excluded from operation of this Act This Act shall apply to all land in Zimbabwe, except land which is— (a) Communal Land; or (b) in a municipal area, town area or local government area as defined in the Urban Councils Act [Chapter 29:15]; or (c) a town ward of a rural district council or an area that has been declared a specified area in terms of the Rural District Councils Act [Chapter 29:13]; or (d) in the area of any township as defined in the Land Survey Act [Chapter 20:12]; or (e) State land the layout of which has been approved in terms of— (i) section 127 of the Town and Country Planning Act [Chapter 213 of 1974]; or (ii) section 43 of the Regional, Town and Country Planning Act [Chapter 29:12]. 2

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