ABOUT THE NATIONAL TRANSITIONAL JUSTICE WORKING GROUP The National Transitional Justice Working Group (NTJWG) is a platform established by 46 Zimbabwean organisations representing various transitional justice stakeholders to provide the interface between transitional justice stakeholders and the official transitional justice processes in Zimbabwe. Vision A peaceful, just, accountable and democratic society. Mission To create inclusive space for the coordination of transitional justice stakeholders, share experiences; build synergies for comprehensive, accountable, victim-centred and participatory transitional justice processes in Zimbabwe. Values Integrity Inclusivity Impartiality Members Mr. Alec Muchadehama: Ms. Memory Kachambwa: Rev. Dr. Fradereck Chiromba: Ms. Roselyn Hanzi: Rev. Dr. Ray Motsi: Mr. Anthony Reeler: Mr. Otto Saki Mr. Paul Themba Nyathi Ms. Samukeliso Khumalo Chairperson/Reparations Depute Chairperson / Gender Promotion of Truth Justice and Accountability Memorialization Independent Expert / Institutional Reform Independent Expert Independent Expert Independent Expert Physical Address Suite 4, Number 1 Raleigh Street, Harare P.O Box 9077, Harare Tel - 04 – 770177/8, 772860 Email – info@ntjwg.org.zw www.ntjwg.org.zw 3 NTJWG Analysis of the NPRC Bill, March 2017

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