Bill Watch 37/2019 In Parliament This Week & Coming up in Parliament This Week 23 July 2019 Hon Paradza, chairperson of the other portfolio committee involved in the report, underlined the need to implement the report's recommendations, saying that "the Bill, in its present form, is not a good Bill at all". He also emphasised the disquiet felt among committee members when the Office of the President and Cabinet prematurely – before ZIDA has a legal existence – advertised for applicants for appointment to a senior post in ZIDA. Hon Nduna made one of his trademark "clarion calls", this time for the ZIDA Board's composition to reflect the preponderance of women in the population, asserting that "what men can do, women can do better and they are more trustworthy". See further under Coming up in Parliament This Week, below. Education Amendment Bill [link] This Bill was not dealt with at all last week. Its status remains as it was described in Bill Watch 35/2019 [link]. See further under Coming up in Parliament This Week, below. Bills being prepared for gazetting The following Bills are not presently available from Veritas, but will become available once they have been gazetted: Zimbabwe Media Commission [sent to Government Printer 27th June] Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Amendment [sent to Government Printer 10th July] International Treaties [sent to Government Printer 22nd July] Other Business in Parliament Last Week National Assembly NSSA Forensic Audit Report was not tabled Although it could have been expected, there was no announcement about when the Minister of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare would table this report in Parliament [for background see Bill Watch 34/2019 [link]]. This was despite the Speaker holding her to her promise let Parliament know by 11th June when she would present it. Welfare of MPs On 18th July MPs debated a condolence motion following the death of Hon Kaston Gumbwanda, ZANU-PF MP for Zaka East on 25th June. Besides lamenting the passing of their colleague, MPs of all parties used the occasion to complain about the Government's general lack of proper regard for the welfare of MPs and for Parliament as a State institution. Report of Public Accounts Committee on Ministry of Finance and Economic Development shortcomings [link] Hon Biti, chairperson of the Public Accounts Committee [PAC] presented the committee's hard-hitting report on a long list of Ministry of Finance and Economic Development's "non-compliance issues" identified by the PAC. The report indicates where literally billions of US $s have not been accounted for. It is shocking to read. The PAC also criticised the attitude of senior officials who had appeared before it. The list of issues reported cites failures by the Ministry and its officials to comply with the

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