NATIONAL TRANSITIONAL JUSTICE WORKING GROUP ZIMBABWE ISSUES INSIDE NPRC Activities NPRC Unpacks its Strategy The NPRC Engages Community Members and Stakeholders in Matebeleland South NPRCWATCH Follow-up on the 2018 Elections’ Observation Recommendations Government delays to Comply with the Motlanthe Commission Recommendations NTJWG Activities Radio Programme on Star-Fm NEWSLETTER NTJWG Publications Stakeholders in Action Around the World JULY 2019 | ISSUE 07 STAKEHOLDERS, FRIENDS AND PARTNERS Upcoming NTJWG Activities In this Edition There have been a number of considerable transitional justice developments in the country in the month of July. In this newsletter, we capture these developments for you, so that you get the full picture of the transitional justice landscape in the country. We cover the general developments in the country, work done by NTJWG stakeholders and the activities carried-out by the NPRC. We also share some of our activities and other regional or global developments. This month we are sharing with you our take on the issue of national dialogue, the role of leadership in national healing reconciliation processes. We welcome your feedback. 1 NTJWG NEWLETTER JULY 2019

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