Volunteer Policy
This policy shall be a Volunteering Policy for JCT which is a non profit making organization that
provides free legal services to children in difficult circumstances in Zimbabwe.
The purpose of this policy is to:
 Reinforce the importance of volunteering to JCT
 Establish basic values and attitudes for JCT towards volunteering.
 Set out responsibilities of JCT towards their volunteers.
 Set out the responsibilities of people who volunteer for JCT.
Volunteering in JCT context involve:
 Is intended to benefit children in difficult circumstances in Zimbabwe in accordance with
JCT mission and vision.
 A JCT volunteer is a person who caries out volunteer activities for the organization
occasionally or regularly.
 Motivation by free will of the person volunteering and not for the desire for material or
financial gain or by external, socio-economic or political pressure.
 A completed case is a case which has been finalized by way of an out of court settlement,
court hearing and having had full legal advice.
 Benefits shall include volunteer allowances as shall be stipulated by JCT from time to
time, incentives such as T- shirts, bags, stationery as shall be prescribed by JCT from
time to time.
 Reasonable expenses shall cover expenses any reasonable person would incur in such a
position, final decision shall be made by JCT financial and administrative manager.

This policy shall apply to all JCT volunteers.

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