SOUTHERN RHODESIA CONSTITUTIONAL CONFERENCE HELD AT LANCASTER HOUSE, LONDON SEPTEMBER DECEMBER 1979 REPORT 1. Following the Meeting of Commonwealth Heads of Government held in Lusaka from 1 to 7 August, Her Majesty's Government issued invitations to Bishop Muzorewa and the leaders of the Patriotic Front to participate in a Constitutional Conference at Lancaster House. The purpose of the Conference was to discuss and reach agreement on the terms of an Independence Constitution, and that elections should be supervised under British authority to enable Rhodesia to proceed to legal independence and the parties to settle their differences by political means. 2. The Conference opened on 10 September under the chairmanship of Lord Carrington, Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs. The Conference concluded on 15 December, after 47 plenary sessions. A list of the official delegates to the Conference is at Annex A. The text of Lord Carrington's opening address is at Annex B, together with statements made by Mr Nkomo on behalf of his and Mr Mugabe's delegation and by Bishop Muzorewa on behalf of his delegation. 3. In the course of its proceedings the Conference reached agreement on the following issues: — Summary of the Independence Constitution (attached as Annex C to this report)* —arrangements for the pre-independence period (Annex D) —a cease-fire agreement signed by the parties (Annex E) 4. In concluding this agreement and signing this report the parties undertake: (a) to accept the authority of the Governor; (b) to abide by the Independence Constitution; (c) to comply with the pre-independence arrangements;

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