Bill Watch 51/2019 [Last Week in Parliament & Second Session Opened Today 1st October] 01 October 2019 BILL WATCH 51/2019 [1st October 2019] The Second Session of this Parliament Opened Today Ceremonial Opening of Parliament President Mnangagwa opened the Second Session of the Ninth Parliament of Zimbabwe at a joint sitting of both Houses of Parliament in the National Assembly today. At 12 noon, after the customary preliminaries outside Parliament, the President went into the National Assembly chamber to deliver his State of the Nation Address [SONA] [link]. The address included the Government’s Legislative Agenda for the coming session. Afterwards both Houses met briefly and then adjourned for three weeks. They will meet again on Tuesday 22nd October... Bills in Parliament Last Week Education Amendment Bill stalled by National Assembly’s rejection of Senate Amendment On Wednesday 25th September the Senate received a non-adverse report from the Parliamentary Legal Committee [PLC] on its single amendment to the Bill. [Clause 14(k) of the Bill provided for the “appointment of sexual and reproductive health personnel” in schools, and Senators had objected strongly to and deleted the words “sexual and”.] The Senate then finalised the Bill and returned it to the National Assembly. In brief proceedings the following day the National Assembly rejected the Senate’s amendment. This disagreement between the two Houses stopped the Bill’s further progress for the time being. The Bill, therefore, joins the other uncompleted Bills on the list of Bills lapsing at the end of the First Session. As pointed out in Bill Watch 49/2019 [link], a Bill that lapses at the end of one session can be restored to the Order Paper by vote of the House in which the Bill was last discussed, in which case proceedings can continue from the stage previously reached No progress on other Bills No progress was made on the other Bills before the National Assembly: Zimbabwe Investment and Development Agency Bill, Money Laundering and Proceeds of Crime Amendment Bill and Coroner’s Office Bill, and the three Bills still under consideration by the PLC: Marriages Bill, Freedom of Information Bill and Zimbabwe Media Commission Bill. All these Bills will also need to be restored to the Order Paper in the Second Session. Constituency Development Fund [CDF] Increased It was announced in both Houses that following the Supplementary Budget Review the CDF allocation had been revised upwards from $80 000 to $175 238. Members were advised to submit projects for funding amounting to the revised figure. Other Business in the National Assembly Last Week Debates concluded and motions approved

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