The NPRC Statement on the Proposed Demonstrations by the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) IN THE NEWS NPRC ACTIVITIES The NPRC Induction Workshop From 7 to 10 August 2019, the NPRC conducted a 3 day induction workshop in Nyanga for its staff members to develop their capacity with regards to the mandate and strategy of the Commission. The training was attended by the old and new staff members who recently joined the ranks of the NPRC. The NTJWG looks forward to the full list of the senior management in the NPRC’s Secretariat that was promised to be shared with the public soon after the workshop. Following the proposed demonstrations by the MDC from 16 to 24 August 2019 in Harare and other surrounding areas, the NPRC released a press statement imploring the MDC and other parties to exercise restraint and shun violence. The main concerns raised in the press statement were the statements made by ZANU-PF youths in retaliation to the purported demonstrations, the injuries sustained by women, children and the elderly during protests, the role of the police in curbing criminal activities during protests and engagements with relevant stakeholders to ensure that the protests were peaceful. However, the protests were eventually blocked by the police citing the possibility of violence. The NPRC’s Engagements with Community Representatives On 14 August, 2019 the NPRC met with representatives of the Chitungwiza community led by Pastor Matyora who shared concerns and strategies on behalf of the community on how to prevent violence in the future, assist victims of past violence and how they can get healing and justice. The meeting was attended by seven people and the NTJWG looks forward to the implementation of the action points adopted at the end of the meeting. The NPRC Hosts a Joint 3-Day Workshop on the Mandate of the NPRC From 19 to 21 August, 2019 the NPRC, the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Justice and Legal Affairs and the Thematic Committee on Human Rights had a joint workshop in Bulawayo on the mandate of the NPRC. Issues such as apology for the Gukurahundi massacres, documentation for victims, strategic plan, implementation matrix, and consensus building programmes were discussed. The NPRC’s Workshop on Complaints Handling and Investigations Following the recruitment of the Commission's staff, the NPRC old and new staff members underwent an upskilling workshop on complaints handling and investigations. This comes after a widespread call by citizens for the NPRC to expedite its complaints handling and investigations into gross human rights violations that have occurred in the past and recently. The NTJWG looks forward on how the Commission will be handling complaints submitted by victims and also how investigations will be done given the reports in the media of people, particularly women, whose rights were violated after the 1 August, 2019 protests and the #Zimbabweshutdown protests which occurred in January, 2019. 2 NTJWG NEWLETTER AUGUST 2019

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