THE COMPLAINT 1. This was a complaint on the arbitrary eviction and alleged violation of the complainants’ freedom from arbitrary eviction, right to dignity, the right to privacy and other interrelated rights of residents of Maganga Estate in Marondera-Mashonaland East Province (hereinafter referred to as the complainants). The complaint was filed on the 7th November 2017 by Mr. Farai George Siyawamwaya (Village Head), who approached the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission (ZHRC/Commission) on his own accord on behalf of his village. 2. The violations are alleged to have been committed on 8 November 2017 by officials from the Ministry of Lands and Rural Resettlement who were accompanied by the members of the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP/Police). 3. The ZHRC began its investigations into the matter on the 7th November 2017 when a letter of enquiry was written to the Head Office of the Ministry of Lands and Rural Resettlement in Harare to find out the circumstances of the evictions since Complainants were not served with any eviction order or written notice. Almost a month lapsed without getting a response from the Ministry. The response dated 30 November 2017 was received by the ZHRC on the 1 st of December 2017. Due to the protracted delay in getting a response the ZHRC advised Complainants to institute legal proceedings against Respondent; which they did in Case Number B125/17 of the Magistrates Court for Mashonaland East. 4. Complainants encountered difficulties in accessing legal aid services for them to institute legal proceedings against Respondent. The legal aid service providers whom they were referred to by the ZHRC namely Legal Resources Foundation and Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights indicated that they were over-booked and did not have enough manpower to assist. ZimRights indicated that they did not handle land issues emanating from the land reform. Page 2 of 6

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