DISTRIBUTED BY VERITAS VERITAS MAKES EVERY EFFORT TO ENSURE THE PROVISION OF RELIABLE INFORMATION, BUT CANNOT TAKE LEGAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR INFORMATION SUPPLIED. Gazetted 17th August, 2001 (General Notice 408/2001) Date of commencement 17th August, 2001. CHAPTER 9:21 SEXUAL OFFENCES ACT Act 8/2001 ARRANGEMENT OF SECTIONS PART I PRELIMINARY Section 1. Short title. 2. Interpretation. PART II EXTRA-MARITAL SEXUAL INTERCOURSE WITH YOUNG PERSONS AND INTELLECTUALLY HANDICAPPED PERSONS 3. Sexual intercourse or immoral or indecent act committed with young person. 4. Sexual intercourse or immoral or indecent act committed with intellectually handicapped person. 5. Prevention of sexual exploitation of young persons and intellectually handicapped persons outside Zimbabwe. 6. Prevention of conspiracy or incitement abroad to exploit young persons or intellectually handicapped persons in Zimbabwe. 7. Permitting young person to resort to place for purpose of extra-marital sexual intercourse. PART III NON-CONSENSUAL SEXUAL ACTS 8. Punishment of rape or certain non-consensual acts. Sexual Offences Act as at August 2009

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