PAGE 2 NATIONAL TRANSITIONAL JUSTICE WORKING GROUP ZIMBABWE NEWSLETTER National Transitional Justice Working Group Zimbabwe - 2019 The NTJWG Stakeholders’ Consultative and Monitoring Meeting on the Work of the NPRC 13 March 2019 The NTJWG convened a meeting bringing together 30 stakeholders based in Masvingo on the 13 th of March, as a prelude to the NPRC-Survivors interface meeting on the 14 th of March. These activities were held so as to prepare the NTJWG to effectively engage the Commission and speak with one voice, identify areas that need improvement and map the way forward for 2019. The NTJWG NPRC-Survivors Interface Meeting WATCH FULL VIDEO HERE >> The Transitional Justice Dialogue Series in Harare and Bulawayo 19 and 26 March, 2019 14 March 2019 The Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum, in its capacity as the Secretariat of the National Transitional Justice Working Group (NTJWG) held a meeting with survivors who are victims of gross human rights violations on the 14 th of March in Masvingo. The meeting was held to increase interaction and collaboration between the NPRC and survivors. Even though the NPRC failed to come, it also gave the NTJWG an opportunity to reconnect with survivors in the Masvingo region. Survivors openly expressed their needs and concerns, and gave advice to the NTJWG on how to effectively engage communities and other survivors. 23 participants attended the interface meeting. The NTJWG is strengthening its victim-centred approach in its programming in the process of engaging survivors of past atrocities. In March, 2019 the NTJWG launched the first of its transitional dialogue series which brought together players in transitional justice processes in Zimbabwe to input into the increased call for a national dialogue. The NTJWG aims to create coordinated and inclusive platforms which enables everyone to participate in the process and prevent the dialogue from becoming a gathering and a deal for the elite as history has shown. It is in this context that NTJWG convened 2 high level dialogue series on understanding the principles, processes and foundations for an effective and sustainable dialogue from an African experience. In Bulawayo, the event was held on the 19 th of March, while in Harare it was on the 26th of March. The Archival Project Review and Training Workshop 18 March 2019 Since 2018, the NTJWG has been developing a digital human rights archive which will enable all human rights stakeholders and survivors to readily access and upload data on human rights, transitional justice and conflict in Zimbabwe since 1980. The Working Group convened training on the 18 th of March for the Archival Reference Group so as to show them how to use this portal which will be a major source of information for national peace and reconciliation processes in the country. 12 participants from Harare, Masvingo, Mutare, Bulawayo, Gweru and Chinhoyi, attended the workshop. WATCH FULL VIDEO HERE >>

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