2 PART III FINANCES, STAFF AND REPORTS OF COMMISSION 9. Funds and finances of Commission. 9A, Investment of moneys not immediately required by Commission. 10. Estimates of revenue and expenditure of Commission. 11. Chief Elections Officer and other employees of Commission. 12. Reports of Commission on elections, referendums and other matters. PART IV VOTER EDUCATION 13. Interpretation in Part IV. 14. Functions of Commission with respect to voter education. 15. Voter education by persons other than the Commission or political parties. 15A. Provision of voter education by Commission. 15B. Commission to monitor voter education provided by other persons. 16. Foreign contributions or donations for the purposes of voter education. PART IVA MEDIA COVERAGE OF ELECTIONS 16A. Interpretation in Part IVA. 16B. Application of Part IVA in relation to other media laws. 16C. Access to public broadcasting media. 16D. Political advertising in broadcasting and print media. 16A. Publication of electoral information in public interest. 16F. Conduct of news media during election period. 16G. Monitoring of media by Commission. PART V GENERAL 17. Provision of copies of electoral legislation. 18 Legal proceedings against Commission. 19. Regulatory powers of Commission. 20. Amendment of Cap. 2:10. FIRST SCHEDULE: Provisions Applicable to Zimbabwe Electoral Commission. SECOND SCHEDULE: Ancillary Powers of Commission. THIRD SCHEDULE: Financial Provisions Relating to Commission.

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