OVERVIEW OF HEAL ZIMBABWE TRUST AND ZIMBABWE CIVIC EDUCATION TRUST Heal Zimbabwe Trust Heal Zimbabwe is a non-profit peacebuilding organization established in 2009 with a mission to prevent and transform conflicts in Zimbabwe with a particular focus on social justice and human rights protection. We envision a peaceful and prosperous Zimbabwe that celebrates diversity in local communities. Heal Zimbabwe was established to contribute to the broader national healing and reconciliation processes. The organization focuses its services towards the least accessible and underserved areas where violence is most prevalent. Zimbabwe Civic Education Trust Zimbabwe Civic Education Trust is a not for profit , non-partisan non-governmental organization founded in 2000 to advance an empowered, peaceful, confident Zimbabwean society, aware of its rights, duties, responsibilities and obligations through full participation in socio-economic, political, civic and cultural development. Since 2000, the organization has done tremendous work especially in the areas of peace-building and civic education. In particular was the creation of peace committees, made up of various stakeholders including political parties to advance peace in various communities across Zimbabwe. i

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