Commissions Watch 1/2017 Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission: Press Statement on Floods 31 Jan COMMISSIONS WATCH 1/2017 ZIMBABWE HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION [31st January 2017] Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission: Press Statement on Floods This bulletin contains the text of the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission’s Press Statement on the promotion and protection of environmental and related rights in the face of ongoing flooding in urban areas. In its statement, the Commission notes that the recent rains and consequent foods have “exposed the gaps in the management of our urban spaces” and puts forward various recommendations to central government, local authorities and citizens. The press statement is also available on the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission’s website PRESS STATEMENT BY THE ZIMBABWE HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION ON THE PROMOTION AND PROTECTION OF ENVIRONMENTAL AND RELATED RIGHTS IN THE FACE OF ONGOING FLOODING IN URBAN AREAS The Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission (ZHRC) has noted with concern the increasing interface between the current rains and the enjoyment of human rights by Zimbabweans. Whilst rains are a welcome relief following last year’s devastating drought; they have also exposed the gaps in the management of our urban spaces. The ZHRC is further concerned by the flooding experienced in some parts of the country and in particular areas such as Harare’s Glen View, Mbare and Budiriro suburbs which have given rise to water borne diseases and threatened the enjoyment of the right to health by the residents of those suburbs. These floods have also damaged and destroyed people’s hard earned assets. Whilst recognizing that the country has made strides in including environmental rights in the Constitution which were hitherto unpronounced in the previous Constitution, there is need for adherence to these provisions for the enjoyment of these rights by Zimbabweans. Section 73 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe provides for the rights of citizens to an

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