Commission and Minister. Clause 9 This clause provides for theconduct of the Forum as well as the appointment and proceedings of the meetings. Clauses 10 and 11 These clausesprovide for the appointment and functions of the Chief Executive Officer, as well as other staff of the Commission. Clause 12 This clause provides for the annual report of the Zimbabwe Gender Commission. Clause 13 This clause provides for the funds of the Zimbabwe Gender Commission Clauses 14 and 15 These clauses provide for the accounts of the Zimbabwe Gender Commission, the appointment of an internal auditor as well as the audit of accounts. Clauses 16 and 17 These clauses provide for the discretion the Minister has to give the Commission policy directions, as well as to make regulations in consultation with the Commission. ZIMBABWE GENDER COMMISSIONACT, 2014 ARRANGEMENT OF SECTIONS 2

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