Commissions Watch 8th November 2018 [Commission ofInquiry: Mutare Public Hearings: 10 November]

8th November 2018
Commission of Inquiry into Post-Election Violence of 1st August
Mutare Public Hearings on Saturday 10th November

In an

advertisement in newspapers yesterday and today, the

Secretary to the Commission of Inquiry, has published the following
The General Public, Civic Society Organisations, Political
Parties and Opinion Leaders, in and around Mutare are
hereby invited to attend public hearings to be held at
Golden Peacock, Mutare, on the 10th of November 2018
at 10.00 hrs.
Further, the Commission invites those who wish to testify
on the above stated date to submit their details with our
Secretariat at Golden Peacock, Mutare, from the 7th to
the 9th of November, 2018.
About the Commission of Inquiry
Detailed information about the Commission of Inquiry was given in
our Commissions Watch bulletin dated 25th September 2018 [link].
Its terms of reference are set out in full in the Presidential
proclamation appointing the Commission [link].

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