Community Dialogue on the Mandate of the NPRC Where: Nyanga North, Ward 3. When: 24/09/2019. Time: 8:30am to 2:00pm. Introduction On 5 January, 2018 the Government of Zimbabwe gazetted the National Peace and Reconciliation Commission Act (NPRC Act), operationalising the National Peace and Reconciliation Commission (NPRC). Following the operationalization, the NPRC convened consultative meetings across the country with survivors on key issues pertinent for the NPRC to cover. The NTJWG has continuously monitored the work of the NPRC since January 2018. Following the need to develop an extensive tool for survivors to raise awareness of work of the NPRC, the NTJWG developed a trainers’ and participants’ manual for survivors so that they have a basic understanding and engage in the work of the NPRC. On 30 August, 2019 the NTJWG undertook a capacity-building workshop for twenty-four survivors selected from ten provinces in Zimbabwe. Survivors were trained in sensitisation and awareness raising around the work of the NPRC which they are now expected to disseminate at community levels. This process will also feed into the NPRC monitoring and evaluation work of the NTJWG. In this regard, the NTJWG convened a community dialogue to build the capacity of communities on the work of the NPRC. This prepared communities at ward level to be active participants and be involved in the work of the NPRC, and to contribute through the NTJWG, to influence the NPRC’s interventions ensuring that they are victim-centred. Objectives    To enhance victims’ understanding of the NPRC process and motivate communities to participate, document and put in place measures to ensure the participation of survivors in ensuring non-recurrence of past violations. To equip communities with tools and information for effective participation in the national peace and reconciliation processes and To provide survivors of past violations with relevant knowledge on the national peace and reconciliation process in order to ensure and encourage informed engagement with the NPRC. 1

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