First UA: 124/19 Index: AFR 46/1059/2019 Zimbabwe Date: 18 September 2019 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION On 30 August 2019, the Zimbabwe Hospital Doctors Association (ZHDA) served a notice to the Minister of Health and Child Care as well as the Permanent Secretary for Health that doctors across the country would not report for work starting from 3 September. They cited salary insufficiencies as well as lack of success in engaging employer. The letter was signed by Dr Peter Magombeyi, as the Acting President of ZHDA. As a result, he received threats from suspected members of the Central Intelligence Organisation including a warning that they would abduct him if he continued to organise the strike. One of the phone screenshots with a locally registered number said (loosely translated) ‘do not say I don’t warn you. Keep on being stubborn. You will be taken by a whirlwind. We are getting close now.” Zimbabwe doctors, who earn the equivalent of about US$40 per month, are on strike to press for better wages, equipment and medication in state hospitals. The public health system has deteriorated over recent years due to economic mismanagement. Doctors have consistently raised concerns about the lack of medical supplies, lack of funds for the health sector as well as poor working conditions. Dr Peter Magombeyi is being persecuted for demanding better wages. On 14 September Dr Peter Magombeyi was abducted from his home in Harare’s Budiriro suburb around 10pm in the evening by three unidentified and armed men. To date his fate and whereabouts remain unknown. Following his abduction, the human rights organisation Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights filed a habeas corpus with the High Court. The High Court ordered the Minister of Home Affairs and Minister of State for National Security to determine the whereabouts of Dr Peter Magombeyi and to set up a team of investigators to search for him. The Minister of Home Affairs and the Minister of State for National Security were also ordered to advertise details of the missing ZHDA President. Currently all doctors have downed tools and joined the protest calling for the release of Dr Peter Magombeyi. PREFERRED LANGUAGE TO ADDRESS TARGET: English You can also write in your own language. PLEASE TAKE ACTION AS SOON AS POSSIBLE UNTIL: 30 October 2019 Please check with the Amnesty office in your country if you wish to send appeals after the deadline. NAME AND PREFFERED PRONOUN: Dr Peter Magombeyi (He/Him)

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