Bill Watch 41/2019 Supplementary Budget Statement Due on 1st August plus Parliamentary Roundup 31 July 2019 BILL WATCH 41/2019 [31st July 2019] Both Houses of Parliament Are Sitting Again This Week Both the Senate and the National Assembly will continue sitting this week, the third week of the current series of sittings. And, in a departure from the Sitting Calendar, both Houses will sit again next week to deal with the Supplementary Budget [see next paragraph] and, possibly, to complete work on current Bills [see below, in paragraphs headed In Parliament Last Week and Yesterday and This Week in Parliament]. Supplementary Budget to be Presented Thursday 1st August The Minister of Finance and Economic Development will tomorrow present his Supplementary Budget Statement for 2019 in the National Assembly. The Order Paper lists this item as a notice of motion by the Minister seeking leave to make further provision for the revenues and public funds of Zimbabwe and to make provision for ancillary and incidental matters [Constitution, section 303(3)]. The Supplementary Budget exercise will involve presentation of the Supplementary Budget Statement, Supplementary Estimates of Expenditure ["Blue Book"], an Appropriation Bill to give effect to the Estimates, and a Finance (No 2) Bill to give effect to tax measures such as changes to the income tax bands already mentioned by the Minister. NSSA Forensic Audit Report to be Tabled on 1st August Yesterday, Tuesday 30th July, the Speaker assured MPs that the Minister of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare would table this report at the start of proceedings on Thursday 1st August. He was responding to a motion for contempt of Parliament charges to be brought against the Minister for her failure to comply with the Speaker's earlier ruling on the subject. In the National Assembly Last Week and Yesterday Bills Maintenance of Peace and Order Bill [link] An Adverse Report on this Bill by the Parliamentary Legal Committee [PLC] was announced on 24th July. It identified eleven clauses of the Bill as unconstitutional [see Bill Watch 39/2019 [link]]. Yesterday, the Minister of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs asked for consideration of the Adverse Report by the National Assembly to be suspended to allow time for discussion of the Government's proposed amendments to the Bill, conceding to the PLC's views. This may mean that the Adverse Report will be withdrawn if the PLC agrees that the Minister’s amendments cure all the unconstitutional aspects of the Bill. Education Amendment Bill [link] The Committee Stage was completed on 25th July, with the adoption of some, but not all, of the amendments proposed on behalf of the Portfolio Committee on

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