“Please ask [President] Mugabe what it is they want from us. What is the dirt they want to clear out – is it us?” Woman who lost her home and livelihood during Operation Murambatsvina, Bulawayo “We have not been given an option of anywhere to go. It has merely been expected of us that we should ‘disappear,’ a feat we are by no means capable of. As far as I know, nobody in these areas of those affected by Operation Murambatsvina has benefited from the Operation Garikai housing delivery programme. Thus we have absolutely nowhere to go.” Victim of repeated evictions, Harare Picture shows unfinished, unoccupied Operation Garikai/Hlalani Kuhle houses at Whitecliffe, Harare, May 2006. © Amnesty International 2006 AI Index: AFR 46/005/2006 Amnesty International 8 September 2006

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