Land Acquisition Act (consolidated to 10-5-02) DISTRIBUTED BY VERITAS VERITAS MAKES EVERY EFFORT TO ENSURE THE PROVISION OF RELIABLE INFORMATION, BUT CANNOT TAKE LEGAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR INFORMATION SUPPLIED. LAND ACQUISITION ACT [CAP 20:10] [Acts 3/1992, 15/2000(1), 14/2001(2), 6/2002(3). This consolidated Act states the law as from 10th May 2002.] PART I PRELIMINARY Section 1. Short title. 2. Interpretation. PART II ACQUISITION OF LAND 3. 4. Acquisition of land by President. Acquisition by resumption of ownership in certain cases. PART III PROCEDURE FOR COMPULSORY ACQUISITION OF LAND 5. Preliminary notice of compulsory acquisition. 6. Owner may demand acquisition of whole property. 6A. Circumstances under which owner may offer land in substitution for, or in lieu of the acquisition of, land to be acquired for resettlement purposes 6B. Circumstances under which owner may subdivide land to be acquired for resettlement purposes 7. Application for authorising or confirming order where acquisition contested. 8. Vesting of land, taking of materials and exercise of rights over land. 9. Eviction of owner or occupier. 10. Registration of land acquired. 10A. Revocation of order acquiring land 11. Investigation of land to be acquired. PART IV [Part IV repealed] 12. to 15. [Sections 12 – 15 repealed] PART V CLAIMS FOR AND ASSESSMENT AND P AYMENT OF COMPENSATION 16. Duty to pay compensation. 17. to 19. [Sections 17 – 19 repealed] 20. Assessment of compensation for land other than agricultural land required for resettlement purposes. 21. General considerations regarding assessment of compensation. 22. Claims for compensation: land other than agricultural land required for resettlement purposes. 23. [Repealed] 24. Reference of disputes re compensation to Administrative Court: land other than agricultural land required for resettlement purposes. 25. Advance payment of compensation. 26. Discharge of debt secured by mortgage bond over land. 27. Payment of certain taxes and other moneys out of compensation. 28. Payment of compensation moneys to Master and retention thereof by acquiring authority in certain cases. 29. Payment of interest on compensation moneys. PART VA COMPENSATION FOR AGRICULTURAL LAND REQUIRED FOR RESETTLEMENT PURPOSES 29A. Compensation Committee. 29B. Procedure for assessing compensation. 29C. Assessment of compensation and manner and period of payment. 29D. Appeals under this Part. PART VI DERELICT LAND BOARD 30. Establishment of Derelict Land Board. 31. Disqualifications for membership of Derelict Land Board. 32. Terms and conditions of office of members. 33. Vacation of office by members and filling of vacancies. 34. Meetings and procedure of Derelict Land Board. 35. Minutes of proceedings of Derelict Land Board. 36. Remuneration and allowances of members. 37. Expenses of Derelict Land Board. 38. Validity of decisions and acts of Derelict Land Board. -1-

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