Bill Watch 52/2019 [Update on Statutory Instruments: Part 1] 16 October 2019 a list of named manufacturers and in respect of ring-fenced quantities of specified goods. Vehicle registration and licensing – fees in ZWL$ SI 171/2019 [link] gazetted on 9th August lists in ZWL$ new fees for registration and licensing of vehicles: for example, ZWL$ 300,00 for licensing a light motor vehicle weighing up to 1, 500 kg for twelve months. Licensing of drivers – fees in ZWL$ SI 173/2019 [link], gazetted on 9th August, lists in ZWL$ new fees payable for all aspects of licensing of drivers, including applications for learner's licences, certificates of competency, driver's licences of all classes and duplicate licences and certificates. The new fees were effective from 9th August. Toll fees for National Road Network and Limpopo Bridge at Beitbridge border SI 172/2019 [link], gazetted on 9th August, lists in ZWL$ the new fees payable at tolling points on the national road network. The new fees are effective from 9th August. SI 174/2019 [link], gazetted on 9th August, lists in US$ and SA Rand the fees payable for use, whether inward or outward bound, of the new Limpopo Bridge at the Beitbridge Border Post. The fees were previously stated in US$ only, and these figures remain unchanged. Courts, Master's Office and Deputy Sheriffs: New Fees Denominated in ZWL Dollars Gazette of 9th September High Court SI 187/2019 [link] – High Court (Civil Cases) (Amendment) Rules, 2019 (No. 10) Note: An error in the Schedule, item 2 ["Original summons sounding in money"], was corrected by SI 207/2019 of 20th September [link]. Magistrates Court SI 188/2019 [link] – Magistrates Court (Civil) (Amendment) Rules, 2019 (No. 1). Gazette of 13th September Master's Office SI 192/2019 [link] – Administration of Estates (Master's Office) (Fees) (Amendment) Regulations, 2019 (No. 8) Constitutional Court SI 193/2019 [link] – Constitutional Court (Amendment) Rules, 2019 (No. 1) Customary Courts SI 194/2019 [link] – Customary Law and Local Courts (Amendment) Rules, 2019 (No. 9) Labour Court SI 195/2019 [link] – Labour Court (Fees) Regulations, 2019 Small Claims Courts SI 196/2019 [link] – Small Claims Courts (General) (Amendment) Rules, 2019 (No. 6)

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