Semi-Annual Regional Process Monitoring Meeting Report 1 October 2019 Cresta Lodge, Harare Introduction Zimbabwe is currently implementing Constitutional provisions relating to the NationalPeace and Reconciliation Commission (NPRC) whose lifespan was extended by five years to enable it to fully carry out its mandate. The National Transitional JusticeWorking Group (NTJWG) has noted with interest key developments such as the appointment of a secretariat for the NPRC, establishment of provincial peace committees and the rolling out of the NPRC outreach program. Concerns have been raised by the NTJWG on the capacity of the NPRC to carry out some of the activities that it has undertaken to carry-out and also the seemingly elusive manner in which the NPRC is carrying out its activities. Also of concern is the increasingly shrinking civic space in which NTJWG stakeholders are operating coupled with the economic hardships plaguing Zimbabwe. It is in this context that the NTJWG convened a semiannual regional process monitoring meeting for the Harare region on the 1st of October 2019. This was done in a bid to engage with its stakeholders on opportunities and challenges they are having in engaging the NPRC as well as obtaining and disseminating information to the working group. Objectives The objectives of the meeting were as follows: a. To discuss the NTJWG’ s communication strategy with stakeholders in Harare; b. To assess what challenges stakeholders are facing in engaging the National Peace and Reconciliation Commission; c. To map which stakeholders are involved in transitional justice. Participants Profile The meeting was attended by seventeen participants representing twelve organizations. The organizations that were represented are Tree of Life, Heal Zimbabwe Trust, Counseling Services Unit, NANGO, GALZ, Research and Advocacy Unit (RAU), Zimbabwe Democracy Institute (ZDI), VERITAS, Legal Resources Foundation (LRF), ZACRO, Law Society and ZimRights. 1

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