Contextual Analysis of the Operating Environment In the first session of the meeting, participants were invited to discuss the operating environment they are currently working in. This was done to give the NTJWG insight into the issues that stakeholders are currently grappling with in their day to day programming. Participants highlighted the following issues regarding the current operating environment for transitional justice stakeholders:      The operating environment has been increasingly deteriorating in recent times; There is a lot of fear among citizens in discussing transitional justice issues for example Tree of Life was in Tsholotsho recently and noted that there was a lot of fear to discuss issues of Gukurahundi; The economic situation is making it difficult for people to participate in civic activities; The government has appealed the High Court judgment that extended the lifespan of the NPRC. Participants commented that this appeal is indicative of an attitude of simply giving the impression that efforts to facilitate peace and reconciliation were made without actually having an effective peace and reconciliation process; The NPRC is making efforts to engage different stakeholders in its processes. It was however pointed out that the NPRC seems to only engage the same actors in civil society such that time and time again only a handful of the same organizations can interface with the NPRC. An inquiry was made as to whether the NPRC has engaged stakeholders to explain its mandate and strategy at all 2

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