the International Day of Peace. This day was commemorated through
the hosting of a radio program on Star FM to discuss the National
Dialogue on the 26th of September. The discussion was centered on the
values, principles and virtues of an inclusive national dialogue in
Zimbabwe. The panelists were Mr. Alec Muchadehama, the Chairman
of the NTJWG, and Reverend Sifelani of the Zimbabwe Council of
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Community Dialogues
Following the training of trainers workshop carried out by the NTJWG
on the 30 of August 2019 the NTJWG carried out community
dialogues on the mandate of the NPRC in Nyanga North, Ward 3 and
Mbowane Line, Tsholotsho, Ward 15. In line with the NTJWG's victimcentered approach, these community dialogues were facilitated by
victims namely Mr. Sekai Gombe and Ms. Penina Moyo who have been
trained by the NTJWG under the guidance of the NTJGW Secretariat.
The community dialogues were aimed at discussing the mandate of
the NPRC as a way of sensitizing the communities about the NPRC to
allow for effective engagement with the NPRC when the opportunity is
The rst community dialogue was held on the 24th of September 2019
in Nyanga North, Ward 3 while the other was held 27 of September
2019 in Mbowane Line, Tsholotsho. The key outcomes for these
community dialogues were Enhanced understanding by survivors' of
the NPRC process, motivation of communities to participate in the
NPRC and equipping of survivor groups with tools and skills for
effective participation in the peace and reconciliation.
The report for the Tsholotsho Community Dialogue can be accessed
The report for the Nyanga Community Dialogue can be accessed on
NTJWG Publications

Report on the Establishment of Provincial Peace Committees
On 29 May 2019, the NPRC announced that it will be devolving its
operations to Provinces through the establishment of Provincial Peace
Committees (PPCs). These Committees were mandated to solve
con icts in their areas to avoid a "one-size- ts-all" approach which was
proved impractical. As a follow up to the establishment of the
Provincial Peace Committees the NTJWG on the 2nd of September
published the NTJWG Report on the Establishment of Provincial Peace
Committees. The report looks into the roles and responsibilities of the
PPCs and the challenges the PPCs might face in the near future by the



The report can be accessed at
Report on the NPRC's outreach program
In July 2019, the NTJWG Secretariat attended the NPRC press
conference during which the NPRC announced its intention to embark
on a twenty-one day outreach program raise awareness on the
approaches that will be used in handling national healing and
reconciliation which include public hearings, mechanisms for early
detection of con ict, national dialogue facilitation, and setting-up of
peace committees. On the 2nd of September, the NTJWG published its
report on the NPRC Outreach Programme following the conclusion of
the program. The report highlights some of the issues of concern raised
during the outreach meetings. The report can be accessed on
Stakeholders in Action
Appeal to Extension of the Lifespan of the NPRC
Earlier this year in March, Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights was
granted an order by the High Court of Zimbabwe extending the
lifespan of the NPRC. The judgment was set to see the lifespan of the
NPRC lapsing in January 2028 and not August 2023 as it was initially
supposed to. This landmark judgment marked a massive feat for
transitional justice in Zimbabwe. Unfortunately, this decision was
appealed by the government of Zimbabwe and the appeal was heard
in the Supreme Court representing on the 30th of September. The
NTJWG anxiously awaits the nalization of this matter.
International Day of Peace Commemorations
The Zimbabwe Peace Project (ZPP) also joined the world in
commemorating the International Day of Peace. ZPP held the
commemorations at Manjolo Community Centre on the 21st of
September. During the celebrations, community representatives
signed a Peace Pledge to affirm their commitment to promoting a
peaceful society.
Around the World
From the 9 to the 27 of September the
42nd Session of the UN Human Rights
Council was convened at the Palais des
Nations, in Geneva, Switzerland. Among the
reports that were presented at the Session
was the report by the rapporteur on the
promotion of truth, justice, reparation and
guarantees of non-recurrence which
addressed concerns about issues that are at
the heart of transitional justice.
This report can be accessed on

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