__________________________________________________________________ Report on the Mission Visit to Tsholotsho to Assess the Human Rights Situation of Flood Affected Communities Foreword The Tsholotsho flood report presents the findings and recommendations of a comprehensive report conducted by the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission, into the events associated with the mission visit to the floods victims in Tsholotsho found in Matabeleland North of Zimbabwe. Our terms of reference took cognisance of the flooding in some wards which included ward eight, six and that occurred downstream of the Gariya Dam. The report also provide commentary on the flooding victims, and the cumulative effects this had at various locations. The report to capture, analyse and model relevant data to assist us to make a rage of findings and recommendations. The report was instigated as a commitment by the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission in line with its mandate of protecting, promoting and enforcing human rights to those affected by flooding. The report has considered the actions of those entities that share disaster management responsibilities in the context of this event and has made recommendations designed to enhance the safety and well-being of the affected communities in future. Page 1 of 22

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