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ZHRC Press Statement on
the Planned Demonstrations

17 August 2019

openly and freely. Mutual respect, upholding of fundamental human rights and observance
of the rule of law are some of the founding values and principles of the Zimbabwean
The ZHRC also takes this opportunity to call upon the Zimbabwe Police Service to
discharge its Constitutional mandate by enforcing the law without fear or favour as
provided in



of the Constitution of Zimbabwe.

This means not

only protecting the rights of those participating in demonstrations, but also protecting the
lives and property of all people. The principles of good governance, which bind the State
and all institutions and agencies of Government at every level include the respect for rights
of all political parties as well as fostering of national unity, peace and stability. To this end,
the Commission calls upon the Zimbabwe Police Service to investigate allegations of the
abduction and assault of human rights defenders and opposition political leaders that seem
to be linked to the planned demonstrations. Any cases of enforced disappearances and
lawlessness should be condemned in the strongest of terms and the perpetrators should
be made accountable through prosecution.
As usual the ZHRC will deploy its teams of monitors to assess the situation on the ground
with a view to contributing to the development of human rights, democracy, rule of law,
good governance, and peace and stability in Zimbabwe.
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