Bill Watch 64/2019 Coming up in the National Assembly This Week 26 November 2019 BILL WATCH 64/2019 [26th November 2019] Only the National Assembly will be Sitting This Week The Senate will Not Meet Until Tuesday 3rd December Coming up in the National Assembly on Tuesday 26th November 2020 National Budget Debate Resumption of the Budget debate is on the Order Paper for today, Tuesday 26th November. Additional Budget documents have been added to the Veritas website since the Budget presentation. Now available for downloading are: 2020 Pre-Budget Strategy Paper [link] Budget speech [link] Full Budget Statement [link] Estimates of Expenditure for 2020 [the Blue Book] [Excel document] [link] Budget Highlights [simplified presentation, also known as The People’s Budget] [link] Finance (No. 3) Bill – Departmental Draft [to give a preview of what the proposed changes to taxation legislation and related legislation look like] [link] Bills Also on the Order Paper, in the following order, are three of the seven uncompleted Bills from the last Parliamentary session which were restored to the Order Paper by resolution of the National Assembly on 13th November. Proceedings will resume at the point reached in the last session: Zimbabwe Investment and Development Agency Bill [link] – for resumption of the barely-started Committee Stage. As this urgent Bill has already been subjected to disappointingly long delays, the new Minister of Industry and Commerce, Hon Sekesai Nzenza, will need to insist on early progress being made. There are several pages of proposed amendments, most of them put forward by Hon Sacco, chairperson of the Portfolio Committee on Industry and Commerce, on behalf of his committee. The committee’s thorough report on the Bill [link] recommended the amendments and they have been on the Order Paper for months. In addition, there are two more recent amendments proposed, to clause 7 of the Bill concerning the composition of the ZIDA Board, put down by Hon Misihairabwi-Mushonga and Hon Kindness Paradza. Indeed, all three MPs want different amendments to clause 7. An updated set of all the proposed amendments is available on the Veritas website [link]. Money Laundering and Proceeds of Crime Amendment Bill [link] – for resumption of the Second Reading debate. Coroner’s Office Bill [link] – also for resumption of the Second Reading debate.

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