Chapter 10:30 Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission Act No. 2/2012 PART IV FINANCIAL PROVISIONS 17. Funds of Commission. 18. Accounts of Commission and appointment of internal auditor. 19. Audit of Accounts. PART V MISCELLANEOUS PROVISIONS 20. Removal of Commissioner from office. 21. Immunity. 22. Provincial, district and other offices of Commission. 23. Regulations. FIRST SCHEDULE: Provisions Applicable to Commissioners and Working Groups. SECOND SCHEDULE: Ancillary Powers of Commission THIRD SCHEDULE: Oath of Secrecy ACT AN ACT to provide for the procedure of the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission; to provide for the appointment of the Deputy Chairperson, Executive Secretary and staff of the Commission; and to provide for matters incidental to or connected with the foregoing. WHEREAS section 100R of the Constitution provides as follows: 100R Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission (1) There is a commission to be known as the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission which shall consist of— (a) a chairman who has been qualified for at least five years to practise as a legal practitioner and who is appointed by the President after consultation with the Judicial Service Commission and the Committee on Standing Rules and Orders; and (b) eight other Commissioners, at least four of whom shall be women, appointed by the President from a list of sixteen nominees submitted by the Committee on Standing Rules and Orders. (2) If the appointment of a chairman of the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission is not consistent with any recommendation of the Judicial Service Commission in terms of subsection (1)(a), the President shall cause the Senate to be informed as soon as practicable. (3) Persons appointed to the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission shall be chosen for their knowledge of and experience in the promotion of social justice or the protection of human rights and freedoms. 2

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