Foreword: ZHRC June 10 2015 By-Election Report E.H Mugwadi (Chairperson) The Vice President Parliamentary Affairs responsible for Ministry of Justice, Legal and Dear Honourable Vice President, The Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission (ZHRC) wishes to submit this report in line with Section 244(2) of the Constitution of Zimbabwe [Amendment (No.20) Act 2013], which states that, “In addition to the report it is required to submit in terms of section 323, the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission may, through the appropriate Minister, submit reports to Parliament on particular matters relating to human rights and freedoms which, in the Commission’s opinion, should be brought to the attention of Parliament” It is my pleasure on behalf of the ZHRC Commissioners and Secretariat, to present to you our report on the election monitoring visit that we conducted during the 10th June By-Elections. The report highlights the findings of the ZHRC before, during and after the elections and the ZHRC’s own observations. The report concludes with specific recommendations to various Government Ministries and Departments as well as to the Parliament for areas that need attention in regards to sustain the electoral environment in the country. It is my sincere hope that this report will assist in improving the general conditions in the conduct of any future elections in Zimbabwe. Yours Faithfully, Commissioner Elasto Hilarious Mugwadi Page 2 of 15

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