lodged with the ZHRC on 30 May 2017 and the field investigation was conducted from the 25th to the 27th of June 2017. 2. BACKGROUND TO THE INVESTIGATION 2.1. Complainant alleges that around 9 March 2017, villagers in her village demolished a church structure constructed by Morning Glory Church in their area. Around 12 March 2017, complainant and another villager were taken by police officers who included Constable Dzimano for questioning at Chinyika Police Base. They were released the same day. On 2 April 2017, two police officers, Constables Dzimano and Mlumbwa went to complainant’s homestead intending to arrest her. She asked why they were taking only her yet the structure was demolished by the whole village. Constable Dzimano then forcefully grabbed her left hand and handcuffed her, injuring her hand in the process. She protested to the handcuffing arguing that her religion ( Mwazha Christian Apostolic Faith) did not allow her to be handcuffed and that she was agreeing to go with them to the police station as they did on the first day of arrest but Constable Dzimano ignored her and started dragging her further injuring her in the process. Her blind mother who was sitting by the wall outside the hut asked what was going on and complainant told her that she was going to the police base. Complainant asked to change her clothes since she was menstruating and to take her tablets for chest pains but Constable Dzimano ignored her and continued to drag her. 2.2. On their way to the police base Constable Dzimano instructed her to run in front of the bicycles the officers were cycling but she refused. When the officers were deviating from the route she knew to the police base she asked where they were going but Constable Dzimano told her that she would do what he wanted. She refused to go their way because she feared for her life since there were no other people with them and because of the attitude of Constable Dzimano. Constable Dzimano tried to force Page 2 of 13

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