Bill Watch 54/2019 [Both Houses Resume Sittings Today] 22 October 2019 BILL WATCH 54/2019 [22nd October 2019] Both the Senate and the National Assembly Resume Sittings Today Note: The President has declared Friday 25th October a public holiday to allow Zimbabweans to attend solidarity against sanctions on Zimbabwe events. Coming up in Parliament The Second Session of this Parliament – the Ninth Parliament of Parliament [and second Parliament under the 2013 Constitution of Zimbabwe] was officially opened by President Mnangagwa on Tuesday 1st October at a joint sitting of both Houses. The President delivered a State of the Nation address [link] during which he outlined the Government’s legislative agenda for the session. After the joint sitting both Houses reconvened briefly before adjourning until today. MPs have not, however, been idle in the interim – they have been attending committee meetings and engaging members of the public at public consultations on Bills and the forthcoming 2020 National Budget. Yesterday they attended a pre-Budget briefing in preparation for their coming labours on the 2020 National Budget – including the detailed pre-Budget Seminar at Victoria Falls scheduled for 30th October to 4th November. The presentation of the 2020 Budget by the Minister of Finance and Economic Development will be on Thursday 14th November. Today’s agenda As today’s sittings will be the first working sittings of the new session and as all unfinished business of the First Session, including uncompleted Bills, lapsed at the end of that session, the agenda for this afternoon’s sittings is very brief. It is the same in each House: the moving of the customary beginning-of-session motions expressing loyalty to Zimbabwe and respectful thanks to the President for the speech that he delivered when opening the new session on 1st October. Upcoming Business Unfinished business from the last session it is likely that motions will be put, and approved, that Bills be restored to the Order Paper at the stage reached in the last session: Education Amendment Bill Zimbabwe Investment and Development Agency Bill Money Laundering and Proceeds of Crime Amendment Bill Coroner’s Office Bill Marriages Bill New Business, for example, tabling of three recently gazetted Bills so that they can go for consideration by the Parliamentary Legal Committee: Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Amendment Bill

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