NATIONAL TRANSITIONAL JUSTICE WORKING GROUP ZIMBABWE ISSUES INSIDE NPRC Activities The NPRC Induction Workshop The NPRC Statement on the Proposed Demonstrations by the Movement for Democratic Change NPRCWATCH The NPRC’s Engagements with Community Representatives The NPRC Hosts a Joint 3-Day Workshop on the Mandate of the NPRC The NPRC’s Workshop on Complaints Handling and Investigations NTJWG Activities NTJWG Quarterly Meeting NEWSLETTER AUGUST 2019 | ISSUE 08 NTJWG Annual Stakeholders’ Conference NTJWG Survivors’ Training on the Mandate of the NPRC STAKEHOLDERS, FRIENDS AND PARTNERS In this Edition NTJWG Publications Stakeholders in Action Upcoming NTJWG Activities The month of August is always a difficult time for Zimbabwe. It is the same month in which at least six civilians were shot dead by the army following the demonstrations in the Harare CBD. Since then, things have not been the same. In this newsletter, we highlight so that you get the full picture of the transitional justice landscape in the country. We cover the general developments in the country, work done by NTJWG stakeholders and the activities carried-out by the NPRC. We also share some of our activities. This month we are sharing with you our quarterly meeting , stakeholders’ conference, survivors’ training among other things. We welcome your feedback. 1 NTJWG NEWLETTER AUGUST 2019

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