Ar cle 21 Governments should protect children from harmful social and cultural prac ces including child marriage. CHILD RIGHTS & WELFARE Ar cle 22 Children should not be recruited as soldiers, nor should they take a direct part in fighh ngars. Ar cle 23 Refugee children should receive suitable protec on and are. Ar cle 25 Children who are separated from their parents have the right to protec on and alterna e family care. Ar cle 26 Your country should address the special needs of children who are exposed to any forms of discrimina on. Ar cle 27 Children should be protected from all forms of sexual exploita on and abuse. Ar cle 28 Children should be protected from drug abuse. Ar cle 29 Governments should protect children from all forms of abduc on and tafficking . Ar cle 30 Children whose mothers have been arrested or detained have the right to be protected by the law Ar cle 31 Children have responsibili es owards their families and sociee es,o respect their parents, superiors and elders, to preserve and strengthen African cultural values in their rela on with other membes of their ccommuni es. Ar cle 32 – 48 Deals with the establishment of the commitee on the rights and welfare of the child, mandate and procedure of the commitee and miscellaneous proceedings Designed & Printed By Rocksett: 0773100501 No. 66 Blakeway Drive Belvedere, HARARE, Tel: +263-4-778474, 741781 Telfax: +263-4-741510 Whatsapp: 0719 560 164 Email: Second Floor, Mership House Cnr J Nkomo & 9th Ave,BULAWAYO Tel: +263-9-78957 Cell: 0778 402 177 Email: Ground Floor, Winston House Cnr 2nd Street & 1st Street, MUTARE, Tel: +263-20-60359, 60439 Whatsapp: 0773 581 640 Email:

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