I wouldn’t describe that as a crisis. It’s a normal electoral process in Zimbabwe. [Pres Thabo Mbeki] 1 Everyone agreed that things are not normal, except Mbeki. Maybe Mbeki is so deeply involved that he firmly believes things are going right. But now he understands that the rest of SADC feels this is a matter of urgency and we are risking lives and limbs being lost. He got that message clearly. [Botswana Foreign Minister Phandu Skelemani] 2 The current pattern of organized torture and violence being perpetrated by state agents in the rural areas of Zimbabwe is similar to that documented prior to the 2002 elections. However, the current violence is dramatically more intensive and unrestrained. The level of brutality and callousness exhibited by the perpetrators is unprecedented and the vicious and cowardly attacks by so called war veterans on women, children and the elderly shames the memory of all true heroes of the liberation struggle. [ZADHR, 8 May 2008] 1 2 Paddy Harper and Mpupela Mkhabela, “ Crisis?What Crisis?” Sunday Times, 13/05/08. Mandy Rossouw and Jason Moyo, “Botswana raps ‘no crisis’ Mbeki.” Mail and Guardian, 18-24 April 2008. 2

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