DISTRIBUTED BY VERITAS VERITAS MAKES EVERY EFFORT TO ENSURE THE PROVISION OF RELIABLE INFORMATION, BUT CANNOT TAKE LEGAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR INFORMATION SUPPLIED. Act No. 2 of 2006 Published in the Government Gazette: Commencement: Friday 12th May, 2006 Friday 12th May, 2006. ACT To amend the Education Act [Chapter 25:04]; and to provide for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto. ENACTED by the President and the Parliament of Zimbabwe. 1 Short title This Act may be cited as the Education Amendment Act, 2006. 2 Amendment of the long title to Cap 25:04 The long title to the Education Act [Chapter 25:04] is amended by the deletion of the terms "Government teachers colleges" and "teachers colleges" wherever they appear. 3 Amendment of section 2 of Cap 25:04 Section 2 of the Education Act [Chapter 25:04] (hereinafter called "the principal Act") is amended— (a) by the repeal of the definitions of "fixed date" and "school education"; (b) by the insertion of the following definitions— ""association" means an organised body of teachers established in terms of section 68; "School Parents Assembly" means a School Parents Assembly established in terms of section 36;"; (c) by the repeal of the definitions of "nursery school"; and "school"; and the substitution of the following definitions— ""pre-school" means an institution which provides for early childhood education and care and the physical, mental and social development of children who are below school going age; "school" means a pre-school, primary school or secondary school;". Act 2/2006

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