The Solidarity Peace Trust The Solidarity Peace Trust is a non-governmental organisation, registered in South Africa. The Trustees of the Solidarity Peace Trust are church leaders of Southern Africa, who are all committed to human rights, freedom and democracy in their region. The objectives of the Trust are: To assist individuals, organisations, churches and affiliated organisations in Southern Africa, to build solidarity in the pursuit of justice, peace and social equality and equity in Zimbabwe. It shall be the special concern of the Trust to assist victims of human rights abuses in their efforts to correct and end their situation of oppression. PASSOP- People Against Suffering, Oppression and Poverty (PASSOP) Founded in 2007, PASSOP is a community-based non-profit organization and grassroots movement, largely made up of volunteers from the migrant community that works to protect and promote the rights of all refugees, asylum seekers and immigrants in South Africa. PASSOP offers number of programs and a range of services, including anti-xenophobia help desks, paralegal advice for documentation, labour and housing rights, community integration events and workshops, monitoring of Refugee Reception Centres and Internally Displaced Persons camps among other advocacy campaigns. 2

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